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Marian Gologorski is one of the widely recognized artistic glass designers in Poland, mostly known as the author of unique hand-formed glass.

Vibrant colours and organic forms are distinctive for Marian Gologorski’s glass. Gologorski’s designs are authentic and true to the untamed nature of glass. Every piece is formed by hand by the artist alongside the team of professional glassworkers. In the end the piece becomes a unique glass sculpture.

The initial design is often based on improvisation. Every final decision is made during the process of glass-forming and depends on technical issues and artist’s skill at the same time. The relation between the artist and the group of experienced glassworkers is crucial and based on reliability and mutual respect. The amorphous forms are inspirations taken from nature. Glass objects are unique in many ways – they might have a specific purpose as a usable item, but they are art pieces at the same time, inspired by biology and nature.

Marian Gołogórski’s glass was often documented in many Polish movies and interior design magazines. It was also included in many glass collections in Poland and abroad.