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Marian Gołogórski

Born on January 16th, 1948 in Zakopane. Studied at the Faculty of Sculpture of Krakow’s Academy of Fine Arts under the supervision of Jacek Puget and Marian Konieczny. Graduated in 1972.
Sculptor, designer, jeweller and glass artist. Co-founder of „Gołogórski – Rostworowski” Gallery of Contemporary Art (1982 – 1992). Owner of Gologorski Gallery in Krakow, Poland.

Permanent collections

National Museum, Poznan

Artistic glassware
Regional Museum, Jelenia Gora
Regional Museum, Ciechanow
Museum of Warmia and Mazury, Olsztyn Castle
Regional Museum, Torun
National Museum, Wroclaw
Museum of Glass, Sosnowiec

Private collections

Michael Kurz’s Collection of Contemporary Art, Lausanne, Switzerland
Carlo Edoardo Valli’s Collection of Contemporary Art, Italy

Artistic glassware
Private collections in Germany, Italy, France, Japan and Canada

Solo exhibitions

2000 Motorcyclist – One Artwork Exhibition (sculpture) – Gologorski Gallery, Krakow
1999 Paweł – One Artwork Exhibition (sculpture) – Gologorski Gallery, Krakow
1998 Wiesław Obrzydowski – Marian Gołogórski exhibition – Gologorski Gallery, Krakow
1992 Unveiling of a sculpture commemorating fire in Krakow Philharmonic, Krakow
1992 One Artwork Exhibition – „Gołogórski – Rostworowski” Gallery, Krakow
Artistic Glass Exhibition – Pol-Art Gallery, Montpellier, France
1987 Fashion Show – Plastyka Gallery, Krakow
1986 Fashion Show – „Gołogórski – Rostworowski” Gallery, Krakow
1982 Artistic Glass Exhibition, Redmann Gallery, Erlangen, Germany
1981 Artistic Glass Exhibition, Institute of Polish Culture, Vienna, Italy
1979 Artistic Glass Exhibition, Art Salon, Warszawa
Exhibition of Sculpture – Arcipellago Gallery, Torino, Italy
1978 Artistic Glass Exhibition – Dominican Stalls, Desa, Krakow
Sculpture and Artistic Glass Exhibition – Exhibition Pavillion, Słupsk
Sculpture and Artistic Glass Exhibition – Exhibition Pavillion, Koszalin
1976 Artistic Glass Exhibition – Theatre Gallery, Krakow

Group exhibitions

2002 Twenty one about love – Ars Erotica – Gologorski Gallery, Krakow
2000 Sculpture – Dulko, Gołogórski, Olkuska, Porczak – Obok Gallery, Tychy
1997 Spring Salon ’97, Krakow
Medal of Society of Fine Arts for the sculpture Wiesiolowskiemu
1996 Spring Salon ’96, Krakow
1995 The Limits of Appearances – ARX ART Gallery, Torino, Italy
1994 Polish Contemporary Art – Kraków ’94, Gent, Belgium
1992 Neue Kunst aus dem alten Krakau – Darmstadt, Germany
1991 Opening Exhibition celebrating „Gołogórski – Rostworowski” Gallery opening, Krakow
Sculpture – Pryzmat Gallery, Krakow
1989 Art of Eastern Europe – Michigan University, USA
1986 Inter-Art, Poznan
1984 Art Fairs in Nurnberg and Koln organized by Plastyka Gallery
1982 Polish Art Fair – Nurnberg, Germany
1981 Sculpture of the Year 1980 – Exhibition Pavillion, Krakow
Design of the Year – Pryzmat Gallery, Krakow
Time of Seeing (NSZZ Solidarność sponsored), Gdańsk-Oliwa
Poland, People, Landscape, Ideas and meds – Exhibition Pavillion, Sopot
Sculpture Exhibition – Dominican Monastery, Desa, Krakow
Sculpture Exhibition – Pryzmat Gallery, Desa, Krakow
1980 The Art of Sculpting – Pryzmat Gallery, Krakow
Exhibition of Polish Glass – Leipzig, Germany
Polish Art – Polish Culture Institute, Dusseldorf, Germany
Cracovian Art – Darmstadt, Germany
Glassware Fair – Krzysztofory Gallery, Desa, Krakow
1979 Sculpture of the Year 1978 – Exhibition Pavillion, Krakow
Art Fair – Warexpo, Warszawa
Biennale of Artistic Glass – Exhibition Pavillion, Katowice
Artistic Glass Fair – Krzysztofory Gallery, Desa, Krakow
Lehmbruc Sculpting Competition – Duisburg, Germany
Attitudes and Tendencies – Zachęta Gallery – Warszawa
1978 Cracovian Avant-garde – Exhibition Pavillion, Wrocław
Artistic Glass Fair – Krzysztofory Gallery, Desa, Krakow
Sculpture plain-air (2nd prize), Ustka
Sculpture of the Year 1977 – Exhibition Pavillion, Krakow
Exhibition of Applied Art – Erfurt, Germany
1977 Man and His Environment – Exhibition Pavillion, Krakow
Sculpture of the Year 1976 – Exhibition Pavillion, Krakow
Biennale of Artistic Glass – Exhibition Pavillion, Katowice
1976 Sculpture of the Year 1975 – Exhibition Pavillion, Krakow
1st Public Award for Red Poppies
1975 Sculpture of the Year 1974 – Exhibition Pavillion, Krakow
1974 Sculpture of the Year 1973 – Exhibition Pavillion, Krakow
Painting, Sculpture, Graphics, Interior Architecture – Exhibition Pavillion, Kraków / Zachęta, Warszawa
Salon de Paris – Juvisy, France
1973 Sculpture of the Year 1972 – Exhibition Pavillion, Krakow
1971 International Artistic Ceramics Competition – Faenza, Italy
Young Sculpture plain-air (2nd prize) – Legnica


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