Buy online!

Buy online!

Hello and welcome to our online gallery, where you can purchase artworks without commission.
We believe this is a fabulous opportunity for all those art collectors to reserve the artworks you like. The gallery here will be updated frequently, so don’t forget to check often for a piece of art of your dreams!

If you see an artwork you like, click on „Make a reservation” button and complete the details in the e-mail that will be generated. Don’t forget to put your details and the title of the artwork you’d like to purchase!
After we receive your e-mail, the artwork in this gallery will be marked as „Reserved” until the purchase is complete. If you’d like to reach us in a different way, you can also use contact form you can easily access from the top menu.

If you happen to have an idea for an artwork you’re looking for, don’t hesitate and contact us! We’ll prepare a unique offer for you. If you’re looking for a designer fashion accessories for a beautiful gift, please visit Artavaganza online store at

You can see all the sculptures as a 3D animation after clicking the thumbnails. The files are usually above 500kB in size, so they might take some time to load.

Remember, all of the artworks available under this link will be shipped for free to any place in the world, so pick your favorite artwork before someone else gets it!

Please also note that if you’re from outside the European Union, we won’t be able to cover your country customs or any additional fees related to the laws of your country. They have to be covered by the Buyer.



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