Gologorski Gallery was opened in 1982 as one of the first private art galleries in Poland. From the very beginning it is led by sculptor, Marian Gołogórski.

Gologorski Gallery is one of the oldest art galleries in Poland. Since 1983, we have been cooperating with the most remarkable Polish contemporary artists. The gallery has promoted leading artists, such as Eugeniusz Mucha, Jerzy Panek, Zbysław Marek Maciejewski, Jacek Sroka and many others.

Our offer consists of an extraordinary selection of paintings, sculptures, drawings, ceramics and jewellery. The gallery also welcomes other artistic activities – videos, performances and digital art.

The Gallery’s recognition sign are theme exhibitions that link artists of different generations and artistic backgrounds. We popularize Polish culture among foreign Clients, uniting tradition with modernity, elegance with extravagance.

Professionalism is our trademark